Sunday, March 21, 2010

Music Project is Progressing

I've decided to produce two separate music projects, one acoustic and one electric.  Unlike Bob Dylan, I'm starting with  the electric music first.

I went through my  material and picked out 11 songs I want to try to get put down more the way I hear them in my head.  In the past, I've recorded quite a few songs with bad equipment and under circumstances that kept me from getting the sound I was after.  I hope to get a little closer, this time around.  While 11 songs may be a bit ambitious, I kinda want to give it a try.

Most of them are fairly simple in construction (3 waiting).  I'm a big believer in the rhythm-heavy school of song-writing, and most of my tunes inspire a lot more foot-tapping than humming.

This is me during the recording of some of these songs, the first time, in 1983.  I wish I still had that green Harmony Rebel.  At least I have its big brother, now, an H-72.  I love the sound of those thinline hollowbodies with the DeArmond pickups.  (Wouldn't mind having some of that hair, again, as well...)

Anyway, I'm working hard on setting this up and, and I really hope to get some other people involved who share my desire to have a little fun playing music.  I'm really hoping to get something worth listening to out of it, too.

Of course, "worth listening to" is in the ear of the beholder, I suppose.  I actually like listening to the old versions of these songs, but I think that's more of a reflection of how much fun I had with my buddies in Savannah.  (More on that, later.)


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