Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Japanese Guitar - Sekova Hollowbody

While on a business trip, this week, I visited a music store in Grand Junction, which I have frequented for nearly 20 years, now.  I bought my red 1966 Harmony H-72 from from Hart Music, in 1997, and I always stop in to talk to Jan on the way through.

This time, in response to my usual, "Got anything cool and old, since I saw you last?" Jan told me that he didn't have anything remarkable.  Then, I spied this guitar hanging way up high, on the wall.

"What about that?"

"Oh, that?  It's not worth much..."  He then quoted me what I thought was a really low price, so I bought it.

It is a Sekova, one of the less well-known Japanese guitars from the old days.  Apparently built in the factory which also produced Aria guitars, among others, it is outfitted with the standard 1960s Japanese Teisco-style pickups and a very Teisco-like control panel.  These parts were probably actually sourced from Teisco.  The tuners, and the quality of construction (including multi-layered body binding) put it somewhat higher up the scale than most of the Teiscos I have owned, however.

I feel a bit guilty for buying yet another guitar, so I have put this one up on eBay.  If it sells, then I turn a quick profit.  If it doesn't, then I will take that as a sign that I am meant to keep it (for a little while, at least). 

We'll see how it goes.