Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Ballerina Gruesomeness

The Zombie Ballerina was popular enough that, after the Christmas party was over, a couple of the guys I work with approached me and asked if I would consider doing something similar for them.  A little bit of money exchanged hands, and I told them I would try to find some similar pictures to "modify".

I actually found a pair of small lithographs, on eBay.  One of them was the same picture as the ZB.  The other was of another ballerina, by the same artist.  I ordered them up, and started trying to figure out what I would do with them.  I didn't want to go the Edvard Munch route and just recreate the first painting (apparently, Munch painted dozens of versions of The Scream).  So, when the two pictures arrived, I set them up on my table and just waited for some inspiration.

I came up with something, pretty quickly, for the second ballerina.  But, it took about 3 months for the other one to inspire me to something other than zombification.

For your viewing pleasure, I offer up:

That Takes Guts

Face It

Gory, gruesome and quite unecessary.

Who is the figure in the mirror?  Why are these girls engaging in self-mutilation?  Is there something horribly wrong in the conservatory?  I have answers to all of those questions, but I suspect that they are no better than what you can come up with.

Oh, well.  I hope that you enjoyed my little foray into the macabre.  You probably won't be seeing any more work in this style, from me.  It's kinda disturbing, once it's all done.


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katina said...

Yeah, don't know if I'd hang it anywhere in my house, but I still like and appreciate it.